Magnetic Car Flag Pole Diplomat-1.30 Switzerland (square, 25×25 cm)

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Diplomat-1.30 CH-SQUARE
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  • Magnetic car flag pole
  • for representative purposes
  • maximum 130 km/h speed limit
  • plastic-covered super-magnet: Mild on the paint
  • Height of flagpole: 37 cm
  • for flags 25×25 cm or 20×30 cm in horizontal format
  • Premium quality

Car Flag Diplomat-1.30 Switzerland (square, 25×25 cm)

As we all know how important the first impression is, hence we have developed the best vehicle flag systems in all areas for your representative appearance. The Diplomat-1.30 is a result of this development.

For your utmost flexibility, we have provided the car flagpoles with the strongest available magnets, to let you set up these flagpoles on all engine hoods made out of steel sheets.

This flag pole will be delivered with a Switzerland (square, 25×25 cm) flag. To let you use the flag for a long time, we strengthen it, using double safety seams and a tear proof garniture tape on the side of the pole.

This product is manufactured in Germany.

Details about this car flag pole

This car flag pole is made from stainless steel. To protect your vehicle paint, we have coated the super-magnet with rubber. It will stick reliably to your car, even at a speed of 130 km/h. With its magnetic placement, this flag pole can be changed quickly from one vehicle to another one. The car flag pole Diplomat-1.30 is the little cousin of the Diplomat-1.30-Chrome. The upper ball can be screwed off which lets you change the flags easily.

Details about the flag

The Switzerland (square, 25×25 cm) flag is a German quality product made out of 110g/m² gloss polyester. The placed flag is in a 20×30 cm horizontal format, as is common in politics. This lets you achieve an optimal optic effect. The flag colors are intensive and UV-resistant. This Switzerland (square, 25×25 cm) flag is delivered with hemstitch and can thus be exchanged at any moment. The pole side is strengthened with a white garniture tape. This Switzerland (square, 25×25 cm) flag is wind and weather resistant and very stable. If required, the flag can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. This flag is therefore optimally suitable for outdoors use.

Security note about our flags

Using our products is very simple. Still, for safe driving, please take heed of the attached instructions, which are graphically illustrated and multilingual.


It was once the wish of a young boy to ride in a car with presidential flags, just as he had seen on televised state visits. However, instead of becoming a world leader his schooling and experiences led him to a career in engineering.

But then the inevitable happened, as a young university graduate he developed the best, and most flexible, car flags and named these DIPLOMAT-FLAGS.

His development of the Diplomat-1, a magnetically adhesive car flag which can be used on the motorway, was revolutionary. To ensure that the magnet performed at high speeds, he used pure neodymium, one of the most coveted raw materials, alloyed with boron and iron and covered in a rubber coating. The flag pole is affixed to the car with a force of 500N.

Like the “Diplomat-1”, both the magnetic and all other car flag holders made by DIPLOMAT-FLAGS are designed, developed, produced, hand assembled and refined in the home of car manufacturing, Germany.

Even today that once small boy personally tests all new car flag holders until he is sure that they are of a high enough quality to be sold by his brand DIPLOMAT-FLAGS. The name of that boy is Matthias Jaekle and today he is the expert in the field of diplomatic car flags, and the managing director of magFlags ltd.

For a long time, it has not only been Matthias who has used his flags on the road. There is hardly a leading politician who has not driven with his flags and gone on to change the world.

About magFlags

magFlags is an owner-managed family business, specialized on supporting state institutions with flags.

Our largest clients include diverse foreign ministries, governments and international aid agencies all over the world. Apart from clients such as the Foreign Office, the United Nations and the International Red Cross, magFlags also supplies flags to diverse companies and private citizens. High-quality and representative flags for your flagpoles are part of our product assortment, as well as specialized flag systems for diplomatic vehicles.

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SKU Diplomat-1.30 CH-SQUARE
GTIN 4052392393969
Flag Size 20x30cm
Production Made in Germany
Color Polished Steel
HS-Code 87089997
Fixing Device Magnetic adhesion
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